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Dr. Mels Carbonell letter of endorsement

When it comes to evangelism, I'm not easily surprised or impressed. I've been leading people to Christ all my adult life. I've tried many methods and approaches, but I've never seen anything that is so easy and non-threatening as the new concept discovered by my friend Carey Kinsolving.

Before I explain this new evangelism concept, let me tell you a little about my friend. Carey Kinsolving is one of the most creative Christians I've ever met. I've known him for more than 40 years. We're both alumni of Florida Bible College, whose graduates are known for making the gospel of faith alone in Christ alone absolutely clear.

In addition to Bible college, Carey received a master of divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Instead of going into the pastorate, he enrolled at University of Missouri School of Journalism, which is considered by many to be the top journalism school in the country.

As a student completing his master's degree through the university's Washington Reporting Program, Carey's journey-of-faith feature stories were published by The Washington Post and distributed to more than 650 newspapers through The New York Times News Service. His faith-based, newspaper portfolio is available for reading at

Since 2000, Carey has written a weekly, syndicated column called Kids Talk About God, which is distributed by Los Angeles-based Creators Syndicate. You can read these columns in the Bible lesson archive at His book by the same name was published first by J. Countryman and later by Hallmark.

More than two years ago, Carey wrote his own journey-of-faith story and published it on Then, he created a business card that contains a catchy headline designed to provoke curiosity, his photo and a website address that refers card recipients directly to his online story. His wife, Lisa, did the same. The receptivity of people receiving the cards has been truly amazing. To read their stories, please visit and

Recently, Carey wrote an open letter to pastors on this new evangelism concept that he's now introducing to churches. The following link will take you directly to that letter: If you're not a pastor, I suggest sending this email or the link to your pastor. 

The Lord has burdened Carey to empower believers to write their testimonies using the best of proven, journalism methods. Carey and I believe that all Christians have faith stories to tell, even those who trusted Christ as savior when they were children.

Carey's Journey-of-Faith Writing Workshop challenges believers to think anew about their own testimonies, and then gives them the tools to write their stories well and get them published. 

A well-written, journey-of-faith story allows a Christian to own the gospel message because it's his or her story, too! People get excited about their own stories, but for many, giving out a gospel tract can be intimidating. How much easier to hand someone your own attractive business card that directs them to your published, Christ-encountering story on

One of the most challenging aspects of sharing the gospel is starting the conversation. When time or circumstances don't allow for an extended conversation, these business cards stand alone in pointing people to online testimonies. When time and circumstances are favorable, the cards can start gospel-related conversations. 

I urge you to visit the link above and check it out for yourself.

Be encouraged,
Mels Carbonell